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As an event hosted on the sea within a National Park, we are especially conscious of our impact on the environment.

An ambitious aspiration has been set for the event to be the world’s first rowing event to be ISO-certified as a sustainable event. Four key areas of work have been identified with specific actions that will be put in place including using electric support boats, putting in place arrangements to reduce car journeys and aiming to secure a large number of the required volunteers from the local area. The event will also work with World Rowing partners, the WWF (Worldwide Fund for Nature) and local organisation Pembrokeshire Nature Partnership to raise funds to support environmental projects in Africa and Wales.

Inevitably, we won't be perfect but we plan to document where we are forced to make compromises and publish these so future events can learn from our experiences.

We are proud to have secured membership of the Pembrokeshire Outdoor Charter - applying the three basic principles of the Charter to everything we do: respect other people, protect the natural environment and stay safe.

Our Targets

Responsible use of resources

Use resources responsibly and wisely and in a way that reduces the carbon footprint of the event. Indicators we will monitor include:

  • Percentage of contractor waste diverted from landfill
  • Achieve a 60% general waste recycling rate at the event for street waste collection
  • Showcase the use of 2 electric support boats
  • To ensure buses used are Euro 6 classified (low emission) and utilise minimum travel SMART routes
  • Achieve a single use plastic free event for items purchased by the event
  • Water refill stations to be available
  • Volunteer clothing sustainably sourced and made from sustainable materials
  • Competitor bibs made from ocean plastic provided by World Rowing
  • No 'goodie bags'
  • Locally sourced produce/materials for podium

Participation and Reach

Ensure the event engages and enthuses the local community and world of rowing in offering a welcome to all. Indicators we will monitor include:

  • Public material to be bilingual as agreed with Welsh Government
  • Ensure publicity material reflects diverse user groups
  • Create adaptive rowing experiences for 75 people over the period of the event
  • Provision of 4 x beach wheelchairs with a target of 25 unique users
  • Volunteer webinar series to create upskilling opportunities (% tbc)
  • 1000 young people engaged through online and in person teaching by engaging local schools.
  • Target 50% of volunteers to be local

Protecting People and the Planet

Ensure the event is environmentally responsible and ensures the wellbeing of the people who are impacted by it and the landscape that hosts it. Indicators we will monitor include:

  • Operational guidelines in place to deal with and report potential pollutants.
  • Active travel (walking and cycling) options included in event literature for spectators
  • Litter pickers on site with public participation options possible
  • Implement biosecurity practises including advice to competitors prior to arrival around invasive non-native Species
  • 3 organisations offered space for engaging competitors and public on marine pollution issues
  • Create a power plan that maximises use of grid energy and uses hybrid generators where needed

Operation and Ethos

Ensure the event has systems in place to monitor and account for its operations and governance. Indicators we will monitor include:

  • Create a sustainable procurement policy for the event organisers
  • Select marine conservation organisations to be offered Value in Kind contribution
  • Measure and report on scope 1, 2 & 3 carbon emissions of the event
  • Training and systems in place to ensure objectives are understood and valued by event organisers and Wavemakers
  • Produce sustainability report
  • Sponsors are contracted to agree to the event’s sustainability targets
  • The supply line contractors agree to the event’s sustainability targets
  • Accommodation to hold credible ‘green’ credentials




As an event on the sea and hosted in the middle of a National Park, sustainability is really important to us. Read more about our commitment to sustainability and minimising our impact on the environment.

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Travel & Accommodation

Our official travel and accommodation partners, Nirvana are here to help you make your arrangements for the World Coastals in 2022. As well as helping organise your travel and accommodation, Nirvana will help ensure all those extra little details you need as a competitor are sorted. They can even help arrange for you to spend a little extra time in Wales after the event.

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Surrounded by sea on three sides, Pembrokeshire is a haven for exhilarating water sports, spectacular coastal walks and the freshest seafood all set in a wild and incredibly beautiful landscape.

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